The gardening and hardware and DIY sector aim for a strong and professional fair to relaunch its economy

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Iberflora and Eurobrico, que se celebran del 6 rd to 8 th of October at Feria Valencia, serán el punto de encuentro clave para recuperar la actividad sectorial.

Thesector de la jardinería y de la mejora para el hogar (hardware and DIY) needs a strong and professional fair to relaunch the economy and the activity of the sector. Because, Iberflora, the international plant and flower fair, landscaping, tecnología y bricojardín yEurobrico, the international DIY fair, serán un punto de encuentro clave para lograrlo.

Ambas ferias, que coorganizan juntas el Salón del Jardín, se celebraránfrom 6 rd to 8 October of 2020 Feria Valencia y podrán al servicio de visitantes y expositores todas las facilidades para hacer que la cita sea un éxito y, al mismo tiempo, ayude a relanzar la economía y la actividad sectorial. Se hará con un plan de seguridad específico, following all recommended safety standards and with a clear advance in digitizing two events, so that the contact is as small as possible.

The fairs, key to the recovery of the economy

In reviving the economy, fairs play an essential role. According to theSpanish Fair Association (Afe), the annual economic contribution of the fair industry in Spain reaches the 5.000 million euros. It is an industry that offers excellent marketing tools and values the advantages of personal contact in a short space of time. Professional fairs such as Iberflora and Eurobrico get the cooperation of SMEs in a single event, allowing them to offer a large joint commercial showcase with a high national and international impact.

Moreover, fairs have always been the main thermometer for the market situation. In the "new normal" attending these events it will be fundamental to have certainties about what the market requires at this time from companies. From the AFE, also, has been requested a wholebattery of direct aids for exhibitors precisely so that they can go.