Iberflora launches Feria Valencia's first digital marketplace and moves its face-to-face celebration to 2021

The international plant and flower fair, landscaping, tecnología y bricojardín se celebrará 100% online durante todo el mes de octubre and la convocatoria presencial se traslada a 2021 con el objetivo de respetar y mantener su compromiso con todo el sector.

Iberflora, the international plant and flower fair, landscaping, tecnología y bricojardín que se celebra anualmente en Feria Valencia lanza un Marketplace 100% digital e invita al sector a participar en la primera feria totalmente online de Feria Valencia: Iberflora Digital.

While, su celebración presencial se trasladará a 2021 con el objetivo de respetar los intereses de todo el sector, así como el esfuerzo hecho por los expositores, manteniéndose fiel a su compromiso de garantizar in-situ full power of convocation at the time of its conclusion.

Exhibitors and visitors to Iberflora meet on the web

With this digital alternative, Iberflora aims to stay in touch with the market and offer a promotional tool that will allow exhibitors to continue informing their customers. An easy and very economical way to maintain business relationships between customers and suppliers.

So, during the month of October, Iberflora Digital will become an online forum where exhibitors and visitors can share the experiences of the sector and show or know the news and trends for the next year. Moreover, exclusive content will also be featured through videos and interviews with green industry experts.

The start-up of Ibeflora Digital has accelerated due to the current health situation generated by Covid-19. In the same way, both exhibitors and visitors to Iberflora have moved to the contest in recent weeks their willingness to participate in an event entirely online, because from his point of view it is not the time to hold a trade fair to use.

On the other hand, Feria Valencia was already finalizing its digital platform project to complement or replace traditional fairs. and Iberflora is going to be the first product of the fair institution that will take advantage of this tool.