Iberflora and Eurobrico finalize details to become a space 100% safe for your next edition

The international plant and flower fair, landscaping, technology and bricojardín and the international DIY fair will be held in the 6 rd to 8 Valencia and will have both strong sanitary measures and options to do business meeting the minimum safety distance.

Iberflora, the international plant and flower fair, landscaping, tecnología y bricojardín yEurobrico, la feria internacional del bricolaje, están preparándose para su edición más segura y especial, thattendrá lugar en Feria Valencia del 6 rd to 8 October of 2020.

Ambas ferias, que coorganizan el Salón del Jardín, contarán con todas las medidas de seguridad necesarias, por lo que seráun excelente espacio para retomar el contacto con los clientes en un entorno 100% Sure.

Gracias al espacio excepcional de sus instalaciones, Feria Valencia will guarantee the social estrangement that is necessary at all times to guarantee the safety of exhibitors and visitors and will also adoptmeasures to avoid unnecessary flows, crowds and concentrations. In the same way, enclosed spaces will be disinfected and permanently ventilated.

As an extra measure, rapid progress is being made towards digitization, so that the contact between exhibitor/visitor and the organization of Feria Valencia will be minimal.

Moreover, hand in hand with the AFE (Association of Spanish Fairs) and in collaboration with the most important fairgrounds in Spain, work is under work on a complete common catalogue and concrete measures with a view to being able to hold fairs with the maximum health guarantees.

The start-up of the fairs contributes to the revival of the economy, because these play a key role and act as the main marketing and internationalization tool for many companies, especially SMEs. So much so that big fairs in Europe and Spain are already confirmed by September: from Spoga + Glass (Germany) up to Alimentaria, Intergift or Habitat (España).

Iberflora and Eurobrico, will be held 6 rd to 8 October and will coincide withEcofira, the International Environmental Solutions Fair.