José Souto e Innova Paisajes S.L. take Galicia to Iberflora 2019

José SoutoLandscaper Jose Souto, by Innova Landscapes, representative of Galicia and AGAEXAR at the First National Gardening Award CockIBERFLORA

José Souto Piñeiro (Marín, Pontevedra) is a landscaper and creator of open spaces, carefully naturalized outdoor stays based on know-how and respect. Customer respect, to your desires and needs, to your well-being, Before, during and after the completion of the work, because the gardens are designed taking into account in advance that their execution causes a minimum of inconvenience and that future maintenance is adapted to their resources and availability.

After, respect for the environment, of which studies every detail so that his creations enrich not only the daily life of people but also the surrounding landscape and the identity and uniqueness of each place.

From these two elements, José Souto's talent and his deep knowledge of plant elements, plants, their "muses", they do the rest. Attention to detail, neatness in the finishes and promptness in the execution complete the hallmarks of this young and experienced Galician professional at the head of Innova Paisajes S.L.

Answer our questions José Souto.

Who is part of the team?

The team consists of Jose Souto as creative designer of this project, as well as construction manager with the workers' team of Innova Paisajes S.L. And representing Agaexar are Juan Antonio De Jesús (Manager-Technical) and Victor Mario Pérez Vilar (President).

What motivations have to participate?

On a personal level it is a challenge and at the same time with the added value of representing Galicia and the Agaexar association. It will be interesting to see the different constructive concepts depending on the community, let's say it's the romantic side of our profession. For my workers an experience that will be of very rewarding memory. From Agaexar, we believe that such initiatives promote the culture and dignification of garden culture among the population and among professionals in the sector. In these types of contests, the participation of renowned landscapers exposes new trends in the sector, that many professionals will certainly be able to take into account in their daily activity.

What difficulties does the creation of an ephemeral garden pose?

The assembly time, you have to go very fine, think fast and meet the times, have it all ok for the inauguration. Once executed, that everything created has your water needs covered so that it doesn't spoil, we're working alive.

The selected topic, Health and garden, points to an aspect of the garden that no one doubts about: the garden, especially in urban areas, provides essential ecosystem benefits for community well-being and health What ideas came up when they began to consider the issue? Was it inspiring?

I didn't want to go to the concept of aromatic or medicinal plants and I wanted to further encompass the subject, to face these 64m2 with a circuit in which the visitor when he leaves it bring sensations created by this landscape work thinking about those ecosystem benefits essential for community well-being and health that you refer to in the question.

Is there anything in the project that identifies the region, some reference to the local gardening culture?

Design and vegetation, my muse, are part of the images i have in my head when I walk through the Galician mountains and rivers.


  • 2019: Xardín Galego Award, awarded by AGAEXAR and ACUBAM, recognizing the best garden built in Galicia in the 2018.
  • 2017: Winner of the international festival of Jardins de Ponte de Lima (Portugal) with the project designed and built NOVATERRA, discovering a new world.
  • 2016: Winner of the Allariz International Gardens Festival (Galicia) with the project designed and built TERRAFORMATION.
  • 2011: Winner of the Allariz International Gardens Festival (Galicia) with the project designed and built A COR DA PASARELA

Other data:

  • Member of the Spanish Association of Landscapers No. 1342.
  • Member of the association of gardening companies of Galicia (AGAEXAR)


Two renowned professionals dedicated not only to their business projects but also to AGAEXAR complete the Galician team, Xardinery's Galega Association of Enterprises, with the common commitment to dignify our profession.

VICTOR MARIO Perez VILAR (Vigo, Pontevedra) 4 president of the Galician Association of Companies of Xardinería and manager of the gardening company Píntega Xardíns, S.L. and JUAN ANTONIO DE JESÚS GONZELEZ (Ourense) Agricultural engineer, Master in Gardening and Landscape and a member of the Spanish Association of Landscapers. Manager-Technical of the Galega Association of Xardinercompanies (AGAEXAR) and self-employed in Project Landscape.