NAANDANJAIN IBÉRICA – AROMAS of L'HORTA Iberflora presents innovative irrigation system SupPlant

The company IBERIAN NAANDAJAIN – AROMAS of L´HORTA comes stomping in Iberflora 2018 with its innovative system of irrigation SupPlant, that it will present at the fair.

SupPlant is based in the GBI, Growth-Based-Irrigation (Irrigation-based growth) and BDI, Big Data based Irrigation (Irrigation based on Big Data).

This revolutionary technology based on data collection helps farmers reduce water consumption (average saving a 30%), increasing the yield of crops (between a 5 and 10% Depending on the crop) and controlling crops in real time via a mobile application, thus decreasing the uncertainty.

SupPlant obtains these optimum results taking data from three different environments. On the one hand, sensors are used to measure the concentration of salts in the soil and the moisture. On the other hand, other types of sensors are used to measure the speed and direction of wind, radiation, the humidity and temperature of the climate. Lastly, are placed sensors in plants, in order to monitor the growth of the fruit, the contractions of the stem or trunk and leaf temperature.

All these data are transferred to SupPlant cloud, where algorithms calculate the exact amount of water they need plants and the timing of irrigation to achieve optimum results.

This technology can be used with ease through the installation of an application on the mobile phone of the producer, providing personalized and automated irrigation plans, alerts in real time and notifications on various agronomic indicators of the State of the plant.

SupPlant is the first application that manages irrigation based on scientific criteria in a completely autonomous way, and therefore received this year the award for innovation in new products by Frost & Sullivan in the market of smart irrigation technology.

Be sure to visit the stand of IBERIAN NAANDAJAIN at Iberflora, where will they explain in greater depth the SupPlant of the automatic irrigation system operation.