Pablo Pascual (Fitoralia): "We carry the garden inside as a society; in our history, genes and memories"


Fitoralia es una de las empresas organizadoras del espacio “Te llevamos al Huerto” de Iberflora 2021, a monograph on the world of the garden that will be located in the Pavilion 4 of the contest in which multiple activities will be carried out that bring professional visitors closer to this category of the garden center that does not stop growing.

Hemos hablado con Pablo Pascual, director comercial de Fitoralia, que nos ha anticipado algunas de las actividades que podremos disfrutar, además de las novedades que podremos disfrutar en el stand de la firma.

What are your objectives for this edition of Iberflora, after more than a year and a half without face-to-face sectoral competitions?

Principalmente y como en ediciones anteriores, el objetivo es encontrarnos “cara a cara” con nuestros clientes, saludarnos, charlar, hacer un balance del año, listen to suggestions... all that without losing sight of the fact that it is a trade show, in which we will present news and try to attract new customers, even more so, after this long period of pandemic that prevented this type of meetings, we trust in a great Iberflora 2021!

What news will visitors to Iberflora be able to find? 2021 at your stand?

As a novelty for this edition, Fitoralia will exhibit a wider catalogue of its fruit tree section, we have incorporated new collections such as tropical fruit and citrus fruits and expand those of traditional and dwarf with new varieties. Moreover, we also renew our image and expand our selection of berries. There will also be some surprises., as is customary in Fitoralia in Iberflora...

His company is one of the protagonists of the new space "We take you to the garden". What is this initiative??

We want to give relevance to the world of the garden in the points of sale, put in value compared to the rest of the proposals of the fair the importance of the world of the garden as a consolidated trend. Hitherto, in some points of sale, we were the cinderella of the sector, today few are those who do not look at the garden world and bet on it, we want to vindicate ourselves and we believe that together with our space partners (COMPO, Hortalia and Rocalba) we can show in situ all the potential it deserves.

What will be the contribution of your company to this space dedicated to the practice of the recreational garden?

Within the decoration of the space "we take you to the garden" we will provide the plants that will compose it. We want to create a great orchard! We will also offer a tasting of varieties of old tomatoes from recovered varieties and moderate a round table with some of the main "influencers" of the country in the orchard world, where we will chat for a while about orchards and social networks.

What are the synergies of your company with the other three firms that will participate in the space "We take you to the garden"?

The common goal is to value the garden world and demonstrate its full potential and ability to offer a suggestive world. Our space colleagues are complementary in terms of ideas and products and the fact of being able to work together on this project has offered us the opportunity to create a work team where ideas have flowed and converged spontaneously and generously.. We are very happy with the trajectory of the project, sure the result will be great.  

The category of products for the garden is one of the fastest growing in recent months. What is the reason for this positive development??

True. We live in a growing trend of the orchard world for about a decade, But, obviously, the pandemic period together with the mobility restrictions caused the alternative search for forms of leisure for part of people who did not know this world and awakened that first step to many people who already had in mind, or maybe not, grow your own garden. Many of them have discovered that you can take advantage of all the possible spaces of a home, breaking the idea of associating orchard with a large area of land. Moreover, the tendency to take care of ourselves and eat as healthy as possible and DIY are other arguments that confirm the growth trend of the garden.

Are you confident that this trend will continue in the coming years??

Of course, is that we carry the garden inside as a society, if you are reading these lines and have never planted a tomato, I'm sure not beyond a generation or two ago, a relative of yours was engaged in agriculture, you carry it in your story, in your genes, in your memories, you just needed us to remind you. That's what Fitoralia is there for., after all, "We are the garden".