Landscaping Digital receives the European gold medal for merit in work

The European Association of economy and competitiveness (AEDEEC) It has granted to SL Digital landscape , the distinguished European gold medal for merit in work 2018 in recognition of their work and business management, in the latter 11 years in the service of design and education.

Created as an organization to promote non-profit, develop and recognize the individual and corporate people who foster entrepreneurship in Europe, the European Association of economy and competitiveness "identifies and recognizes the business management that encourages entrepreneurship and financial growth".

The European gold medal for merit in work represents the main award given by the Association to "recognize the success of companies with exemplary experience at national and/or European level", stimulating initiatives that support the spirit and business awareness and practices.

Under the direction of Rosana Almuzara Bertolucci, UBA architect and landscaper AEP, Landscape architecture Digital is a company based in Barcelona, España, created in the year 2006, specializing in planning, design, and implementation of landscape architecture projects, as well as in the modeling photorealistic 3D. Moreover, the company has a virtual campus (Landscaping Online School) destined to the education professional online oriented to landscape, gardeners and students.

According to the European Association of economy and competitiveness, "those companies and professionals who receive this award are converted to model and reference in its sector", both nationally and internationally". The Association has, in your Honor Council, with figures such as the Council. Sr. Mr. Alejandro Suarez Sanchez-Ocana, Counsellor delegate of the group manages, el Sr. Mr. Enrique Cerezo Torres, entrepreneur and President of Club Atlético Madrid football and Sr. Mr. Jose Luis Barcelo Fernández de la Mora, Editor-Director of the newspaper the world financial.

From the computer of Iberflora We want to give our sincere congratulations for well-deserved recognition to the work of landscape architecture Digital, an entity that works every day to offer landscape architecture services, with special attention to training their students online, promoting ethical and responsible labor, as well as sustainable practices in the architecture and gardening.