Which flowers and plants will be trending this 2020?

Green is booming. Indoor gardens and small domestic jungles are a success, especially in households millennials, a generation also called "indoor" or "green generation". This was recently assured by the New York Times in a report that reported that the 31% of the sales of decorative indoor plants in the US were acquired by the younger generations.

The new lifestyles, trends "indoor & outdoorsÔÇŁ, the small aromatic gardens in the kitchen, environmental inspiration and the culture of well-being are some of the reasons why this phenomenon has spurred, who has even come to offices and other jobs.

The benefits are several; plants generate well-being, especially on a psychological level, and even increase productivity, as it reveals a recent study from Hyogo University in Awaji (Japan). Reduce stress and improve mental health. All with a simple gesture: place a plant on our desk next to the computer.

All plants are trending, but every year some are more so than others and manage to be the best sellers for households and offices. The question is:

Which plants and flowers will be trending this year 2020 you just started?

According to the Flower Council of Holland, the most sought-after flowers in the 2020 will be the rose, chrysanthemum, tulip, gerbera, astromelia, the lily, the sunflower, gladioli, dragon's mouth, the dahlia, hydrangea, the eustoma, the orchid and the amarilys.

When it comes to plants, the zamioculcas, palm areca or bamboo palm tree, the orchid dendrobium or the campanula will be some of the ones that will trend in Europe this year.

It's time to take note and prepare for a new green campaign that will be, No doubt, a spectacle for the senses and that you can enjoy in Iberflora, International Plant and Flower Fair, Landscaping, Technology and Bricojard├şn to be held this year at Feria Valencia del 6 rd to 8 October in joint call with Eurobrico, the International DIY Fair Ecofira, the International Environmental Solutions Fair.