A new Rocalba returns to Iberflora 2021 with great news

Llevan desde 1973 trabajando en ofrecer semillas de plantas hortícolas, flowers, césped y bulbos, además de su labor paralela en el mundo agrícola profesional, tanto en forrajes como en grandes cultivos.

Today, se han convertido sin duda en uno de los grandes referentes nacionales del sector gracias a la calidad de sus semillas y a su enorme oferta, una colección de más de 700 referencias que continúa creciendo año tras año.

Effectively, Rocalba regresa a Iberflora en 2021, más viva que nunca y con gran ilusión por mostrar en el certamen todos los proyectos en los que la firma se encuentra inmersa actualmente.

Hablamos con Àngels Roca, propietaria y directiva de la firma , to ask him about the return of the company to the contest, for the projects they are currently working on and to know how the effects of the pandemic have been experienced in the sector, and also, within the company itself.

The first question is almost mandatory. We will see rocalba's stand again in Iberflora after several years What has led the company to make this decision?

Rocalba decides to take a step forward in all its areas, especially in the hobby product. There are some new and clear market trends that are here to stay and the 2021 it is the green year par excellence. Moreover, the positive situation of the sector and all the projects on which we have been working for some time, they make Rocalba return strongly to Iberflora, to show first and foremost the collective that we are returning more firmly than ever.

certainly, the recovery of the event after the economic crisis and the pandemic situation experienced, will culminate with a great attendance at the level of exhibitors and visitors, eager to see and experience that the sector is booming and, from Rocalba, so we will communicate.

Yes to all this, we add the good figures that the contest had been registering in recent years, fruit of the great work of the entire organizing team and, being this year his 50 anniversary, expectations could not be better.

How do you think the impact of the pandemic has been on the sector? And in the final consumer? How has the pandemic been experienced within Rocalba?

At the beginning of the pandemic, all the companies in the sector were baffled. We had to live it in the middle of the spring campaign and the tension could not be greater.

First of all, the impact was negative, especially for those companies with businesses focused on seasonal plants, who had to accuse the partial or total closure of garden centers, florists and urban plant shops during confinement.

But this initial negative impact was offset after confinement, when the population made effective a trend that had been detected since a few years ago, and that in this season it has finished consolidating with a spectacular sales campaign at all levels.

The Target of client who is going to visit the gardens has been expanded and, also, these are no longer visited with intensity during the weekend, but that throughout the week there is an active consumer who decides to bet on green consumption on a regular basis. The pandemic made us all reconsider, versus a temporary need, what products make us feel good and which are the products that respond to the values we have internalized as a society.

“Now it's up to all of us, suppliers and customers, work hard for all newcomers to our sector to internalize gardening and horticulture as a hobby.”

From Rocalba, we live it intensely and with uncertainty. We made a big effort during the pandemic not to apply ERTE to our team.  luckily, in a short time we already noticed the need of society to connect with our sector and this was reflected, with the progressive openings of our customers, in your sales and our turnover. We work to be able to give our client the greatest service and product, so that the synergy of the market continued to grow and valued us as al Partner who we are.

Now it's up to all of us, suppliers and customers, work hard for all newcomers to our sector to internalize gardening and horticulture as a hobby. We have to explain to them that it is an easy and dynamic task., since we have a very grateful product that allows us to experience endless good feelings and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Can you tell us a little about the novelties that you will present this year in Iberflora? What surprises await us at the Rocalba stand?

As I said at the beginning, Rocalba has opted to make a Restyling in all that is your existing hobby product. Starting with the seed envelopes, bulbs and ending with lawn boxes and legumes.

At the same time, let's introduce new collections that at the moment we can not reveal, but they're going to give a lot to talk about. We believe in a very dynamic Rocalba and this is what we are going to do campaign after campaign, grow in new product ranges that give us that added value as suppliers of the sector.

In Iberflora you will know one of the new collections that we have prepared with great enthusiasm for next autumn. During the event we have prepared a surprise of the most appetizing for all visitors, we are waiting for you at our stand to share this experience.

What are Rocalba's future plans?? Will we be able to visit your stand, also in 2022?

Of course, Rocalba will be present in Iberflora 2022 for the reasons already mentioned. We are immersed in many projects to give dynamism and solidity to the brand and the sector, for this reason, One more time, Iberflora is the best showcase to connect with our customerss and present the novelties that we will be bringing to the market progressively.