Vote for the best stand of Iberflora 2018

The exhibiting companies of Iberflora they made a great display of media in each edition, designing stands that suit your corporate image and your business needs during the celebration of the event.

Since the Iberflora team we want to reward that work, because we consider that it is not easy to reinvent themselves every year with the aim of being the stand more visited and admired, and for that reason we have launched a survey directed to exhibitors and visitors in order to know what stands were which caused a greater sensation in the last edition.

In the survey, you just have to answer two questions: on the one hand, the stand that I seemed to be most spectacular, that surprised you by your design, his greatness and his visual impact. On the other hand, the most original stand, one that broke with usual standards and which drew attention for its surprising design and its surprising applications and features.

You can respond to the survey in This link.

Soon we will know the winners!