Iberflora will be held 5 rd to 7 October, reflecting the good timing of the sector

Iberflora, International Fair of Plants and Flowers, Landscaping, Technology and DIY Garden, calienta motores para su celebración presencial en Feria Valencia, from 5 rd to 7 October, una convocatoria especial, singular y simbólica para las empresas del sector tras el último año de pandemia.

Moreover, la convocatoria de 2021 coincide con el 50º aniversario del certamen, siendo la primera feria profesional especializada en horticultura ornamental que celebra un 50º aniversario.

All, acompañado del buen momento por el que están atravesando las empresas del sector en los años 2020 and 2021, nos hace augurar una convocatoria de éxito. Se palpan las “ganas de feria”, las expectativas son buenas y los profesionales desean verse cara a cara again, following a tradition that meets 2021 nothing more and nothing less than 50 years.

Another positive aspect of this campaign is the change in habits that households have experienced in the last year. The pandemic has made users re-examine our home, investing more in their practicality, in its aesthetics, promoting a pleasant environment, both inside and outside, green gains prominence.

This new situation causes terrace-related products, the garden and the urban garden have experienced a growth in their sales and that online flower trading, plants and garden equipment, has also been increased, so many garden centers have recently established online channels to serve their customers on this route.

From Iberflora, we want to channel that increase in demand and the positive movement that the sector is experiencing through a contest that allows professionals to continue to grow, present their novelties and reach trade agreements based on synergies and the motivation for innovation detached from these times of change.

We are waiting for you, well, from 5 rd to 7 October, at home, the house of the sector.