The CIAF presents its Edition 2019 under the concept "Valencia, a city with personality"

poster-ciaf-19The team of Iberflora and the Spanish Association of Florists (AEFI) pleased to convene the Iberflora Cup of Floral Art 2019, to take place at the Feria Valencia the days 1 and 2 October in the framework of the celebration of Iberflora.

The term is now open for registration to the CIAF, that florists can sign up through This link, obtaining a registration discount if they make effective before the 31 July.

The round of florists hosts this year one of the most complete editions of the CIAF, in which participating florists will show "capacity, skill, floral art and talent", as he cries out the official poster of this promising Edition.

With the publication of the bases, You can already see what will consist of tests of the contest and their respective themes, It will rotate around the concept "Valencia, a city with personality".

And is that Valencia, In addition to being a modern city and at the same time with much history, is the birthplace of culture, tradition, gastronomy, modernism, entertainment, Tourism, nature, weather, light and sea.


The first test of the CIAF, that will start the 1 October at 12:30, It consists of a composition of hand bouquet inspired by the work of the great Valencian writer Vicente Blasco Ibáñez "reeds and mud".


The domain of light by the Valencian master Joaquín Sorolla, in his work "Sewing the sail", It will be the subject protagonist of the second test, It will take place the same day 1 October at 16:00 hours.

The test will consist of a composition with plants suitable for the environment of the fair that will be exposed, and with free technique.


Under the theme "Las Fallas, art, culture and tradition", participants will be a composition for bride inspired by Valencian parties and its crafts (jewelry, fabrics, embroidery, flowers, music, Gunpowder, light, color, etc.), that will start at the 10:05 the morning of the 2 October.

For this test, the finalists will have 90 minutes for the execution of this composition, which does not necessarily have to be with the Valencian traditional costume, but also in the more contemporary wedding dresses. This composition has two elements, the bridal bouquet and the headdress of inspiration fallera.


Valencian modernism, that the city has great examples such as the Gare du Nord, the Mercado de Colón, or the Central market, It will be the central theme of the awaited final round of the contest, that will reveal us the winner of the CIAF last 2019.Esta test, that will start at the 15:15 from 2 October, There will be more time for its realization.

Registration is open to professionals who may qualify as florists, with a maximum of 15 contestants.

The endpoint system will consist of 100 points of Florint and this time there will be Prize for the 3 finalists of the contest: 5.000€ for the first, 3.000€ for the second and € 2,000 for third, prizes provided by Verdnatura in product form and material of the firm.

In addition to VerdNatura, they will also be Verdissimo event sponsors, Rograplant and signed by Josefina Huerta wedding dresses. All they want to show our heartfelt thanks from the Organization of the event.