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Capacity, talent, skill and floral art… comes the most exciting competition of Iberflora, the Iberflora Cup of Floral Art

The round of Iberflora florists hosts a new edition of the CIAF under the concept “Valencia, a city with its own personality”

15 florists will show their skills in floral art in order to reach the awaited the CIAF podium, with 10.000 euros in prizes for the first three finishers.

Iberflora and the Spanish Association of florists (AEFI) they have organized a unique event, in which a professional jury will assess the 4 evidence that the contestants take place during the two days of competition: a bouquet of hand, work with plants, a composition for wedding and decoration of large spaces. All this before the general public and with the motivation to show the best of oneself to qualify among the top three.


The Spanish Royal Academy defines "mastria" (mastery) as: Art and skill in teaching or carrying out something.

We are looking for maestros, those professionals who have a special skill in floral art, having the ability to make something extraordinary seem simple to execute, a skill acquired with the daily work at the florist's.

The purpose of this competition is to reward those professionals who are able to execute "complete" works in which aesthetics and technique coexist in a perfect harmony, without losing sight of the commercial aspect.

Here you can see the bases, to know all the information, and registration, to take part in the contest: